The amount of administrative duties related to changes has increased significantly in Hungary for the past ten years.
Today it is not only felt by accountants, but the representatives of companies operating in Hungary, their work has increased considerably.
With this process, the number of companies providing accounting services has also increased sharply, which has not allowed the increase of accounting fees for years.
These two adverse processes, from a service provider's point of view forces smaller accounting companies to take up more work, while quality deteriorates, thus ensuring the level of revenues necessary to remain on the market.
With respect to the fact that since its foundation our company has paid special attention to quality as its most important asset along with a client-centred attitude, our clients choose us again and again, so we do not want to move into the direction of losing quality, thus providing ammunition for the development of our accounting division.
Therefore we only take up the accounting and payroll of those companies who keep their books at all times in accordance with relevant regulations, and who are willing to remunerate the high quality and client-centred attitude of ISO-FOCUS Ltd.